Custom Plugins

LipSurf's commands are provided via plugins that house code for a subset of functionality (eg. the Tabs and Windows plugin houses the commands: new tab, close tab, etc.), override existing plugin functionality for certain sites (eg. a site that has peculiar controls that need special handling for something like dictation to work), or house commands that are specific to a site (eg. the Duolingo plugin).

Anyone with some programming know-how can develop their own plugin and add it to LipSurf instantly. See our developer documentation for details on plugin creation.

Installing a Custom Plugin


LipSurf plugins have a .ls extension.

  1. Go to the LipSurf options.

  2. Enable "developer mode".

  3. Click "load a local plugin".

  4. Select the plugin file.

The custom plugin is now installed. You can verify the plugin's new version number in the options.